Welcome to Clarkesville



Andrew Clarke


I aim to re-make, re-model, sample and assemble, making collages both as a way of creating order from disorder and as a form of drawing. I often work to a soundtrack not particularly to listen but to create an environment of rhythm, separated from the outside world and providing the energy and ambience that supports the almost hypnotic process of creating and recycling. I work in a variety of media but at the core of everything is the basic pleasure of cutting and pasting bits of stuff.

Distorted faces and bodies emerge through a process of compulsive collaging, both on paper and as moving image.  The underlying chaos is contained by a nervous energy suggesting anxiety and aggression but sublimated by a cartoonish playfulness. Figures jostle for position in confined spaces enlivened by a dynamic mix of recycled prints, drawings and photocopies. These are often cut out to become individual forms, allowed to roam freely in ever-changing combinations, creating their own narratives and conversations.



2021                        Art Matters 2

                                Art Pavilion, Mile End

2021                        Turner Contemporary Open

2021                        Deptford X

2020                       Mushrooms in the Dark, Situationists RCA

                                Dulwich Constitutional Club    

2018                        Make Believe (with Gill Roth)                                                                Lewisham Art House

2004 - Present       Telegraph Hill Open Studios

2014                         Procession of the Manimals Mural,

                                 The Hill Station Café, New Cross

2013 - Present         Nunhead Art Trail

2012                          Heaven, Baby Opening Show Mural

                                  Harts Lane Studios, New Cross

2009                        The Surgery Open Show, Nunhead

2008                        The Surgery Open Show, Nunhead