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Double Room @ hARTslane: 21 - 23 April 2023

Double Room was a collaboration with Gill Roth at hARTslane, New  Cross in April 2023. One of the original impulses for the show was a reading of Baudelaire’s prose poem of the same name.  Baudelaire provides two descriptions of his room, one a laudanum-induced reverie set in languid twilight and evoking a lazy somnambulance. The other, the harsh reality of despair and regret when the drugs no longer work. A room described through shifting states of mind. A familiar environment distorted by altered perception.  Double Room is also a direct response to the two spaces in Harts Lane. The building itself is a palimpsest, a collage of use and re-use. From stables to motorbike repair shop to art gallery.


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